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MMORPG Kit UI Changes

I’m using Unity3D with the MMOPRG Kit from Suriyun and building the MMO Version

Additional i used the Fantasy Wooden GUI Free for my changes of the UI

Ok there are two places where you can find the UI components.

First you will find the Start-Up GUI in the 01Home Scene for the MMO.
There are two canvases inside wich will give you your Login and Start-Gui.

The Elements are disabled by default so you have to activate them to be able to see you changes and disable them again before you build again.

Changing the Serverlist Background as example:

– select the UiServerList Element inside the CanvasHome and enable it to look at it
– Select the Window Element inside the UiServerList
– Change the Source Image aif the Image(Script) Element in the Inspector of the Window Element

To change the ingame UI you should create you own GUI Prefabs.

This is how i do this (using CanvasGameplay as example):

  • Create a new scene
  • drag the CanvasGameplay Prefab of the Demo->Prefabs->UI onto the scene
  • Change what you want to get the UI you want
  • Change the Name of the Prefab
  • Drag in into your own Prefab->UI folder to create your own prefab

List of things i changed so far:

001Home UI
– background Images of the Windows, the title, font color
– images of the buttons, font color
– images of the title


– I changed the Scaler of the Canvas (it’s the Canvas Scaler Script inside the CanvasGameplay Element) so it’s not taking such a big part of the window
– background Images of the Windows and Buttons and the buttons, removed background image for xp bar


— will continue as i go

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