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MMORPGKit … Characters and visual equipment.

This tutorial is about the MMORPG Kit made by Suriyun and how to get the Polygon Fantasy Characters from Synty Studios i’m using to show their equipped weapon…

Starting with the character…i’m using the Female Druid Prefab for my tests inside the kit right now.
Using the Druid-Prefab from the Fantasy Character Set i created my own Prefab

To be able to equip an item and let it show, you need to define an equip slot.
To create one search through your Character Stucture till you find the right spot (for a weapon one of the hands)

I searched for the “Hand_R” of the character structure and created an empty object and named it “RWeaponSocket”

To be sure that the weapon you want to equip is shown like you want drag the model into the scene, attach it to your socket, reset it’s position and adjust the rotation and position of you socket (not of the weapon!)

Delete the weapon out of the model and apply the changes to the prefab so the Socket-Item is saved.

Now you need to create the named equipment socket that your item/weapon will be referred to. It is defined inside the Character Model (Script) attached to your Character Model.

You need to define the Equipment Container.
Select a name for your EquipSocket (should be the same for all character models that should equip at this position)
I named it “WeaponR” for the right and “WeaponL” for the left hand.
Linked to this should be the Transform you created with your new Elements you attached and adjusted to the model in the previous step.

After this you need to create your new weapon…
If you follow the used structure you need a folder inside you assets ->GameData->Resources->Items->Weapons
Add a new item there

Set the Item Type to Weapon and adjust the settings to you liking.

To be able to be displayed you need to define “Equipment Models” for your item… here you will fill in the equip socket you created inside your character script before and select wich model should be shown.

That should be it…

Just a footnote: i’ve run into problems with mismatching scaling on the models… wich resulted in the weapons being so small they weren’t recognisable … they showed but i was not able to see them and so i thought they weren’t showing at all.. so if you follow this little guide and you weapons won’t show … check the scales 😉

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MMORPG Kit UI Changes

I’m using Unity3D with the MMOPRG Kit from Suriyun and building the MMO Version

Additional i used the Fantasy Wooden GUI Free for my changes of the UI

Ok there are two places where you can find the UI components.

First you will find the Start-Up GUI in the 01Home Scene for the MMO.
There are two canvases inside wich will give you your Login and Start-Gui.

The Elements are disabled by default so you have to activate them to be able to see you changes and disable them again before you build again.

Changing the Serverlist Background as example:

– select the UiServerList Element inside the CanvasHome and enable it to look at it
– Select the Window Element inside the UiServerList
– Change the Source Image aif the Image(Script) Element in the Inspector of the Window Element

To change the ingame UI you should create you own GUI Prefabs.

This is how i do this (using CanvasGameplay as example):

  • Create a new scene
  • drag the CanvasGameplay Prefab of the Demo->Prefabs->UI onto the scene
  • Change what you want to get the UI you want
  • Change the Name of the Prefab
  • Drag in into your own Prefab->UI folder to create your own prefab

List of things i changed so far:

001Home UI
– background Images of the Windows, the title, font color
– images of the buttons, font color
– images of the title


– I changed the Scaler of the Canvas (it’s the Canvas Scaler Script inside the CanvasGameplay Element) so it’s not taking such a big part of the window
– background Images of the Windows and Buttons and the buttons, removed background image for xp bar


— will continue as i go

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MMOPRGKit and Mixamo animations

Dieses Tutorial wird nur auf Englisch zur Verfügung stehen!

Ok, so i started using Unity and i’m using the asset MMORPGKit by Suriyun 

It’s a really great kit, but i’m not a big fan of the character models… so i got myself some character models to replace the once given with the kit.
Next problem: the original Animations used by the CharacterAnimationController given by the demo looked really strange on the models… they worked just fine, but…

What to do now? I searched a bit and found Mixamo an online tool you can use when you want to animate a rigged mesh or character.
You can upload your rigged character (an fbx file in my case) and search through the free animations given by Mixamo.

After you selected an animation you can download it

These are my download settings.

I don’t need the skin since i already have the full character and without the skin i only get the one animation i selected.

Put the downloaded File in your unity project.

Trying to maintain a good practice at getting my stuff sorted, i made a folder structure:


I place the Mixamo files inside the Mixamo folder and now you need to get some settings right to get the animation working like you want to.

Select the Mixamo-File and expand the view

You get quite some entries in this fbx file. All of them more or less looking empty since there is no skin coming from mixamo. You need to select the animation (Jumping in my case).
In the Inspector select the Edit button and change the Animation type inside the Rig-Tab from Generic to Humanoid. After that click apply.

For my workflow i now duplicate the Juming animation by selecting it and pressing Ctrl-d. It will now be duplicated outside the fbx File as a single animation. My experience says you must keep the mixamo fbx to keep the animation working so i just store them inside the maximo folder and but the animation file just generated in another folder for easier access.

For my ChracterAnimationController i simply copied the one given in the demo and put it inside my own folder structure.
Open you AnimationController in the Animator Window and in the Parameter View select the action you want to give the new animation to.
Change the Motion Entry in the Inspector of the Action you want to change to the freshly created animation and … check it out if it really is what you had in mind.

So… that’s it… that’s my current way to do this.