Pearl – Pull-Through Tutorial

Kurze Erkärung warum diese Seite auf englisch ist: Da das Schnittmuster aus Amerika stammt und viele Kunden der Autorin auch aus Amerika stammen habe ich das Tutorial für die Erweiterung in Englisch verfasst.

Hello there,

some time ago i posted a picture of my first pearl with a pull through… and promisted a tutorial. It took me some time, BUT here it is… This tutorial is only for the pull-through, the additional card slots may come in another tutorial, but are not part of this.

Ok, to create the pull through version you only need one magnetic snap for your pearl. Please install only the female part of the magentic snap on the bifold compartment, the male part is not needed.

Assemble the bilfold compartment as told in the pattern, and create the Snap Tab

Turn the bifold compartment and insert the Snap Tab in the Seam you now need to close

I double-sew it to stabilize it more

Then you need to insert the opening in the Main Pouch Card Slot part.

Finish the Main Pouch Card Slot part, stop before adding it to the main pouch (naturally this exterior Main Pouch doesn’t need the magnetic snap needed in the original pattern).

BEFORE you add it to the exterior main pouch you need to do the following steps:

On the backig side of the card slot part mark the pull through like doing for the zippers. Measure the widest part of the snap tab where it is added to your bifold.

Create a little patch out of the lining

sew the border and add it right sides together to the card slot site right above the marked rectangle

Sew around the marked area on the backing side, cut like this

pull through and sew right at the edge of the pull through

Assemble the main pouch as described in the pattern

And then ….

You got it 😉